SMPM Environmentalism

SMPM’s commitment to environmental responsibility is an integral part of our operations, and our dedication to environmentalism has twice been honored by the state of Pennsylvania.

Governors Award for Outstanding Achievement in Pollution Prevention, 1997  
The only member of the P/M industry to receive this award, SMPM was honored for focusing on achieving zero discharge of industrial wastewater by installing a double looped water cooling system which recycles 72,000 gallons of water each day.

Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence, 2004
SMPM was one of 11 winners of the 2004 Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence, which honors Pennsylvania businesses and organizations that undertake projects involving environmental problem solving resulting in new business growth, enhancing the bottom line and commitment to community investment.

The award recognized SMPM’s experiments using a dried form of iron oxide derived from acid mine drainage as a powder additive for the powdered metals (P/M) industry. The result of SMPM’s research would be a new, cost-effective technology to produce a useful raw material for P/M industry use from the sludge residual, and to test the metallic characteristic of this material as applied in the P/M industry.

SMPM is dedicated to the concept that high-tech manufacturing doesn’t have to be a detriment to the environment; in fact, we believe we can actually be environmental conservators, making things better. That’s why we go the extra mile every time.

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