About SMPM

Experience, Environmentalism, And Commitment to Quality
At SMPM we understand that quality doesn’t just happen – it’s the result of careful planning, attention to detail, and a sincere commitment to being the best.

Over Thirty Years Experience
When it comes to the manufacture of top-quality P/M components, experience counts – and SMPM has over thirty years of production and manufacturing experience to draw from. As a result, our products have provided customers with a desirable and cost-effective solution that would be impractical or impossible with other metal forming processes.

Environmental Awareness and Innovation
At SMPM, we don’t believe that any industry has the right to compromise the environment. We stand behind that conviction with an ongoing effort to find new and innovative ways to protect the environment as we make our products even better. This environmentally-aware attitude has been recognized by the State of Pennsylvania; SMPM is a two-time recipient of the Governors Award for Environmental Excellence.

Unparalleled Commitment to Quality at Every Level
“Commitment to quality” is more than a phrase at SMPM – it’s our way of doing business. At every level of our organization, from the president’s office to the production line and at every department between, quality is the number one priority. Because of our total commitment to and relentless pursuit of quality products, SMPM has had many successful partnerships with companies of all sizes.


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